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Athabasca University

Dr. Lois Johnston

Academic Coordinator



In addition to tutoring and occasionally revising courses for Athabasca University, I am currently serving as Coordinator for Sociology/Anthropology 384, Anthropology 408, and Anthropology 354. I finished my doctorate in Anthropology at the University of Alberta in 2005. The focus of the research in 1997 and 1998 in Eastern Indonesia was social change, and particularly changes in identity which occurred with the arrival of world religions, their personnel and worldview. The title of this dissertation is identifying the People of Tonggo, Flores, Eastern Indonesia.

Geographically, I live in the area and on the farm where I grew up. This is the part of Alberta that I love – the far south. In fact, I am very close to the US border, face Chief Mountain, and can drive to Waterton Park in minutes. Prairies and mountains, farmers and ranchers; there's nowhere else and no other group of people with whom I'd rather be.

My interests at this time revolve around land issues centered in this area. With ongoing plans of expansion to the sour gas industry, with new filings of subdivisions on farm and ranch land, with permits to log in the Castle and mine for magnetite, with applications for wind farms and now the plan to build huge transmission towers overtop our farms, we feel under siege here in Southern Alberta. As such, I am an active member of a number of groups concerned with land and water stewardship.

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