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Getting Started in Oral Traditions Research
This is a step by step manual for how to do oral traditions research with Northern Indigenous people; explicit advice on research design, how to conduct interviews, write reports, and where to access related information on video techniques.

Hart, Elisa. Getting Started in Oral Traditions Research. Occasional Papers of the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre, No. 4, Government of the Northwest Territories, Yellowknife, NT, 1995 . ISBN 0-7708-0095-5

Lessons from the Land
This web page, put out by the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre in Yellowknife, NWT Canada describes the Idaa Trail, which connects Great Bear Lake and Great Slave Lake and runs through the heart of the country of the Dogrib people. The site, designed for educational purposes, provides a rich depiction of a series of sites along the trail, and links other types of knowledge of the land to these places. It allows you to hear Dogrib words through sound files. The site is relevant to linguistics, ethnoecology, ethnobotany and ethnozoology [also archaeology and oral history] and in a way of presenting the interlinked nature of traditional knowledge through a hypertext medium.

Professional Associations

Canadian Archaeological Association
Canadian Archaeological Association bilingual web page provides information on the Association, links to archaeology conferences, a radiocarbon database, and a virtual archaeological expedition in the McKenzie Valley.

Canadian Association for Physical Anthropology (CAPA-ACAP)

Canadian Anthropology Society
Canadian Anthropology Society bilingual web page promotes, supports and circulates the results of anthropological research in Canada. It provides information on conferences, anthropology departments in Canada, jobs, and links to other resources.

Society for Linguistic Anthropology

Society for Medical Anthropology

Guidelines for Writing Papers

How to Write an Anthropology Paper

American Anthropological Association (AAA) Style Guide
The anthropology staff at Athabasca University recommend that students follow the AAA Style Guide (Chicago Manual of Style) when incorporating in-text citations and references in their anthropology course papers. For more information, students should contact the tutor for their specific courses.

Outstanding Museums

Royal Alberta Museum
The web site for the Royal Alberta Museum in Edmonton, focusing on the natural and human history of the province, provides information about the museum and its exhibits.

Canadian Museum of History
The bilingual web page for the Canadian Museum of History in Ottawa provides links to its galleries, temporary exhibits, and publications.

Linguistic Anthropology

“This is an active version of the reproduction of the International Phonetic Alphabet. The chart is split into its seven sections, staying typographically close to the familiar layout. However, these sections sport clickable symbols, each symbol linking to a canonical rendition of the sound.”


The Society of Ethnobiology
“The Society of Ethnobiology is a nonprofit professional organization dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of the relationships of plants and animals with human cultures worldwide. Topics include but are not limited to paleoethnobotany, zooarchaeology, ethnobotany, ethnozoology, and other related areas in anthropology and biology. The Society hosts an annual conference and oversees publication of the Journal of Ethnobiology, a semi-annual professional journal.”

International Society of Ethnobiology
“For two decades, the International Society of Ethnobiology (ISE) has actively promoted and supported the inextricable linkages between biological and cultural diversity and the vital role of Indigenous and local peoples in stewardship of biological diversity and cultural heritage, which includes recognition of land and resource rights, as well as rights and responsibilities over tangible and intangible cultural and intellectual properties.”

Visual Anthropology

Career Options

Interested in an anthropology degree but not sure how it will enhance your career options? Read the following book, available from the AU library.

Careers in Anthropology: What an Anthropology Degree Can Do For You by Richard Stephens (GN 41.8 S835 2002) [check book status]

More Anthropology Links

Anthropology Resources on the Internet
This web site provides links and references for anthropology, archaeology, history, linguistics, psychology, sociology and other social sciences.

Ancient World News
Ancient World and Archaeology News from National Geographic magazine.

Parks Canada – Archaeology

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